Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I've moved...

My dear readers and friends

If you have been religiously reading my blog since its inception more than 6 months ago, I am sad to say that I have moved my blog to a separate webpage. This is for privacy reasons, and I've realized, publishing my blog in public space and letting people who surround me know about it, is not a good idea as it creates a lot of miscommunications and conflict.

I hate conflict.

But publishing your diary so to speak, and letting other people read it who know about what's happening, creates conflict.

You see, it's difficult to separate reality and thoughts when you are expressing frustrations about a certain person, and they take it personally... The thing is, it's not them you're frustrated about, but WHAT THEY DID that you disapproved of. The important key is to find the difference.

Alas, some people can't see the difference, and choose instead to be angry at you than to be more understanding of the entire situation.

Anyway, if you want to know the new webpage, please leave your email address at this comment, or send me a message.

Thanks you.